stress less coach workshop

‘The Stress Less’ Online Workshop has been designed to encourage modern, professional women to take control of their daily stress and help them create more balance in their life. In today’s modern world being a women can mean that we consistently struggle to manage our stress levels and find it difficult to live our life in a more meaningful way. This is why being able to identify what causes you the biggest stress in your life can be the path to you feeling more balanced and being able to live life fully.

This is why The Stress Less’ Workshop will help assist you in:

• Identifying the stresses in your life.
• Gaining control and helping improve certain aspects of your life that currently create stress for you.
• Create a better understanding of the actions you need to take in order to bring in balance into your life.

Topics Covered:

• Stress and Stress Mindset
• Health and Well-being
• Relationships and boundaries
• Career
• Finance
• Routine and organisation

What you will gain:

• ‘The Stress Less’ Workshop Workbook
• Copy of the ‘7 Step Guide to Manage Stress During Difficult Times’ E-Book
• Special code to purchase the ‘The Stress Less