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Karolina about me

Karolina is a Certified Health and Stress Coach, the Founder of Knowing Her Wellness and Author of ‘The Stress Less Journal’. Karolina also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Maj. in Physiology) and a Masters in Medical Radiations.

Within months of landing her dream job as a Radiation Therapist, Karolina came down with a mystery autoimmune illness as a result of chronic stress. This caused her to reassess the way she was living her life, and created curiosity around how she wanted to help other women in preventing stress related illness. As a result, she soon realised that she wanted to follow a holistic coaching path of practice. She wanted to equip the modern woman with tools to feel less stressed, as well as create more balance while still being successful and moreover, assist them in learning how to live their life in a more meaningful way.

As a recovering perfectionist and ‘yes’ girl, Karolina is a Coach who is passionate about supporting the modern woman to better manage stress, bring more calm and balance into life and help prevent stress related disease. 

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The day she let go of the things that were weighing her down, was the day she began to shine the brightest.

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