The Stress Less Journal


Take control of your stress with my Stress Less Journal. This Pink Velvet A5 Journal with Ribbon is the perfect gift for you or someone close.

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The Stress Less Journal was designed to encourage modern, professional women to take control of their daily stress and help them create more balance in life. The journal provides women with tools and journaling prompts to help view stress in a different light and better manage the impact it has on their lives.

The Stress Less Journal will help you:

– Identify your thoughts and feelings around stress.
– Gain control over the stress you are experiencing and help you create better balance within your life.
– Improve different aspects of your life that bring you stress.
– Create a better understanding of the actions you need to take in order to become unstuck in your life.

The Stress Less Journal consists of journal prompts around:

– Stress
– Stress Mindset
– Health and Well-being
– Relationships
– Career
– Travel
– Happiness
– Organisation
– Routine

The Journal also includes some beautiful affirmations that you can incorporate into your daily practice in order to ease your feeling of stress and anxiety.


  1. April Clayton

    This beautiful journal has been a game changer for me. I have been reading the notes flicking back and forwards every day for a few weeks now, jotting little things as I go. Today I sat with my cuppa, started flicking and started to journal. Looking at the clock because I was getting a hand cramp and I realise I’ve been writing for 30mins! Swapping sections and in no particular order and I feel amazing, it’s one thing think about self care and think about work/ life and what you do, but it’s a completely different thing to put it on paper.
    Do it you won’t regret it!
    Thanks Kaz for creating such a beautiful tool, you have hit the nail on the head we are too blessed to be stressed! And I’m so blessed that there are such amazing people like you in this world, and I am loving your podcasts as well 💓

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