The Stress Less Journal

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The Stress Less Journal


Take control of your stress with my Stress Less Journal.

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The Stress Less Journal empowers modern, professional women to take control of their daily stress and create balance in their life.  It provides tools and journaling prompts to help view stress in a different light and better manage the impact it has on their lives.  The Stress Less Journal will help you:
  • Identify your thoughts and feelings around stress.
  • Gain control over the stress you are experiencing and help you create better balance within your life.
  • Improve different aspects of your life that bring you stress.
  • Create a better understanding of the actions you need to take to become unstuck in your life.

Stress Less Journal Inclusions

  • With 200 pages worth of journal prompts and exercises that ease feelings of stress and anxiety 
  • A5 sized Pink Velvet Material
  • The sections about: Stress, Mindset, Relationships, Rest, Monthly Planner, Self-Care, Routine, Gratitude, Happiness, Goal Setting.
  • Includes beautiful affirmations that you can incorporate into your daily practice.
    If you are looking to process your emotions and overwhelm than this journal is perfect for you, or as a gift.
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