Karolina runs a successful podcast series called ‘Too Blessed to be Stressed’, where she features amazing women from all around the world: from health coaches to entrepreneurs, career coaches or CBT therapists. She is also a Health and Nutrition Coach, Pilates Instructor, Scientist and Radiation Therapist. Her passion and focus is to help professional women reduce stress as well as help them create a more balanced life and prevent stress related disease. 

She believes “women stress is one factor that stops us from living a balanced and more meaningful life”. Let this be the a podcast full of tips on how to live a less stressful and more beautiful life.

She is your stress buster chick. She will help you achieve balance by educating and using strategies to help bring more calm into your life. In short, if stress and worry drives your entire life, then this podcast definitely is here to help you.

Listen to the podcast here!